Being Single and Happy
My first encounter with Chicken Soup for the Soul Series was years ago when I was a university student. It was love at the first read. I found it inspiring that I always bought one as a gift for the loved ones: my family and best friends. I have bought almost all books in this series, yet I have only bought one for myself. That was when I could afford to buy a good book without having to save money for it.
Chicken Soup for the Single’s Soul is the first English book in this series that I read. This book is also the first book in this series that I got as a gift. It is sometimes amazing how life turns. After buying the books for other people, now a friend gave me a book. The thing that perfects the gift is because the book is in English, just like what I have always wanted. It is just like a Chicken Soup for the Soul story itself.
Like other books in this series, I still find the stories in it inspiring. I still sigh after reading a very inspiring story. I still smile or give it a good laugh after reading a story wittily told. I still shed tears while or after reading a very touching story. Reading this book has only confirmed the fact that Chicken Soup for the Soul has successfully managed to keep its very soul intact in every book. 
As hinted in the title, every thing about ‘singlehood’ and being single are explored in every section of the book. All stories are stories of love and inspirations for the single, divorced and widowed. This is a book that shares the love, the challenges and the unique joys of being single.  
The book begins with chapter about the choice of being single, something that was inconceivable twenty years ago, even in the western cultures. This book does not deny the desires of so many single people to have a relationship by including stories about dating and finding a mate. Losing a love or a partner and the process of healing and rebuilding the life after it is paid attention to. Single parents are also addressed in one the chapters. The section that I find the most intriguing is the one about single people that have made their own lives fulfilling and enriched the lives of others.
In briefs, this book is meant for single people, no matter what their circumstances in life as a single person. As other books in this series, this book has touched my heart in some ways and it was amazing, as I had always thought that it had gone callous and frozen. It lifts my spirits, soothes my soul and warms my heart and most of all it does not fail me in giving a vision of life’s possibilities.
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