The Reason is Because I Love You The Reason is That I Love You
It’s Saturday night, 9 pm. You’re sitting on the bench with your sweetheart, watching the rain falling from the sky. All of a sudden you feel the urge to express your deep passion for your sweetie. So you go, “The reason I’m here is because I love you.” Oops. “Is it ‘because’ or ‘that’?” you wonder.
Well, this is a common mistake that we, English learners, often make. This, some argue, is caused by the influence of our own Bahasa. We say “Alasan saya berada di sini adalah karena saya mencintaimu. However, English does not follow the same logic. The verb “is” in the sentence is a linking verb. It is followed by a subject complement. A noun, a noun clause or an adjective can function as a subject complement. However, a subject complement can never be an adverb.
Let’s take a look at this example: “My father is a lawyer”. In this sentence “a lawyer” is a subject complement (a noun). Another example is: “Hilary Duff is pretty”. “Pretty” in this sentence is an adjective. Now, let’s refer to our previous two examples. In “The reason is that I love you” the linking verb “is” is followed by a noun clause “that I love you”. “…because I love you”, on the other hand, is an adverbial clause (it states the reason). This is not acceptable because an adverbial clause follows an independent clause (the main clause of a sentence), as in “I want to marry you because I love you.”
So, next time you’re at your sweetie’s home and you feel the urge to say it, just say it right. “The reason I’m here is that I love you.”
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