Surprise Party
Last year, all secretaries and I decided to throw a surprise birthday party to all our friends in ELTI. Usually we only gave them a gift. Then we thought that we needed something more special than that to give to secretaries and coordinators. So, we came up with the idea of making a surprise party. As usual, a week before the party, I prepared a lot of thing to decorate their room. And one day before the day, I decorated their room. After that, when they came to their room we surprised them with a song. They were really surprised with our idea to make them happy on their birthday.

One day, before Isti’s birthday, I prepared things to decorate her room as usual. I planned to go earlier in the office so I could decorate her room before she came. And we would surprise her with songs and small pieces of colourful paper in our hands. But when I started decorating her room, suddenly she entered her room. I panicked and was surprised! I never imagined that she would come to the office earlier than me. I screamed and yelled to her, because she ruined my jobs to make a surprise party for her. I asked her not to enter her room before I finished my job decorating her room. When it finished, we started to sing and gave her a big hug. But I felt sad because my plan to give her a surprise didn’t work. She knew what I’d been doing to her on her birthday. All my friends laughed when they knew the story.

However, whatever happened last year wouldn’t hinder me from feeling happy. I still feel happy to make my friends happy on their birthday. Although not all of my plans work well, they are memorable. I’m glad to see my friends feel special.
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