Tips to Write A Book Review

Have you ever written a book review? I bet you have. Writing a book review is not merely summarizing the content of the book. It is more like commenting on the book. On the other words, book review is a critical response to the publication of the book. It may include the analytical study of the book, the importance of the book for readers, a brief summary of the content, suggestion for the edition version. To help you write better book reviews, here are some practical tips for you.

  1. Choose the book, which is of your realm of interest. If possible select the book, which is recently published and become the up-to-the-minute discourse in the society. So the book will hopefully contain newest information.
  2. Before you start writing a review, make sure that you read the book in details. While reading, find out some imperative points in the book.
  3. Determine the purpose of the author, observe the targeted readers and find out the strengths and weaknesses of the book.
  4. Now we come to the most difficult part of writing; that is writing the first word. If you find it difficult to write down your own words, you may pick up a sentence from the book. And then use the sentence to stimulate you to write more words. A rhetoric question can be put in the first paragraph. The first paragraph is the most important part of writing since it will lead readers to foresee what information he is going to acquire in the subsequent paragraphs.
  5. Keep on writing any ideas coming across your mind. When you get stuck, read the book again to stimulate your memories and to trigger your ideas.
  6. When you finish writing, don’t forget to check it again. Pay attention to the grammar mistakes, linking words, coherence of ideas, logic, etc.
  7. Remember that most of the reviews end with either a recommendation or reasons why the reviewer recommends the book to read.
  8. Before you send your book review to newspapers or magazines, make sure that your reviews are grammatically correct and free from offensive terms, which may hurt the readers. You may let your friends proofread your review.
  9. Check your review once again. Now pay attention to some technical matters like the number of words used, correctness of book title, number of pages, etc.
  10. Now stop reading this feature and start reading and writing.
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