READING A Golden Bridge to Improve English Writing Skill
Writing in English has been a big problem for ages for most of English learners. The main problem basically lies upon the lack of vocabulary and grammatical competence. In this context, learners find it difficult to express ideas with good and accurate sentences. Another problem relates to the use of accurate words or phrases in an appropriate context and meaning. What this article attempts to deal with is the role of reading in improving someone’s ability in writing. 

It is believed that reading plays very significant role in improving a learner’s writing skill or competence. The saying ‘If you are a good reader, you must be a good writer’ is undoubtedly true. Why? There are two main beneficial aspects which can support a learner’s ability in writing. They are diction and sentences construction.

Diction means the choice of words. When someone frequently reads English texts, he will be accustomed to not only some new words but also the accurate use of the words in an appropriate context. Why is that? When someone reads a lot of English texts continually and regularly, his subconscious mind will automatically record and save everything related to the diction and will reproduce the same thing in the future when he wants to write about something in English.

Sentences construction deals with the structure or the grammar use in writing. Reading is one of the best ways to improve one’s ability in using English grammar in writing. What is the connection between them? Like diction, sentences construction can also be “imitated” from the sentences in the reading text. Someone who is reading-minded will automatically get used to the use of correct grammar in a writing style. This happens because, like the process of diction recording, the grammar construction can be absorbed by someone’s subconscious mind when he reads the text. If this runs in a long period, his subconscious thought will surely copy the sentences construction and reuse them when he starts writing in English. 

The brief discussion above leads us to a conclusion that if an English learner reads a lot of English texts regularly in a very long time, he will automatically get used to using good diction in good sentences construction. 
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