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A Book Review:
Title: Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff About Money
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Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff About Money:
Spiritual and Practical Ways to Create Abundance and More Fun in Your Life
Written by Richard Carlson, Ph.D: 2001
Translated by Alex Tri Kantjono Widodo
Published by PT. Gramedia Pustaka Utama, Jakarta, Nov. 2002, 230 pp.

Money is the root of all evils. That’s what we frequently hear and even believe. There are indeed quite a lot of problems sparked by either the excessive or possession of money. We might assume that if someone has achieved certain level of prosperity he will stop worrying about money, in fact it is untrue. When having lots of money, someone will even get more obsessed in earning more money instead.  

To tell you the truth, everybody either the high or the low-income bracket tends to sweat small stuff about money. As money is indeed essential for life, we cannot get rid of problems about money but learn how to manage it instead. Carlson believes that once we can do it, life will be much relieving and peaceful.

Carlson relies much on human potentials that a person can experience excitement, care and wisdom. These states can only be achieved through getting rid of sweating small stuff. If we do not sweat small things any longer in this life, we can surely gain more money, as we grow more sincere, generous and caring to other people.

Philosophically, there are two ways to get rich. First, earning more money. Second, having less desire. In reality, there is a spot in between: keep making progress, earn more money and have less desire. By doing this, it does not mean that we neglect luxurious thing, it is just letting us enjoy happiness and peace. Curbing the desire and living modestly will lead to peace, a word that everybody dreams of.

To live happily, Carlson proposes some ways such as giving, saying thank you and apologizing. Giving has its own rewards. Giving is not only delivering energy to help others but also to the giver self. Giving is the start-up to be loved, relieved, respected or successful in higher level. The nature knows what we do which eventually returns it alongside the entire payback interest.

There is an easy-to-forget principle in this life: saying thank you. A sincere gratitude is very powerful to help people feel better and willing to help us in the future time. Life feels so easy when we are willing to say thank you upon other people’s good deeds.

Another simple principle is willingness to apologize. People commonly find it uneasy to apologize as they think that they are not the party who should do it. If only they knew that apology is very effective to win people’s hearts, they would obviously do it more often.

What do we feel if a stranger comes to you and ask for help? Normally, we feel uncomfortable with that. So we feel more alert to help those we have known well. It means that we should not wait to get along with people until we really need their help.

All in all, this 230-paged book, though somewhat impractical in content, contains valuable inputs for those who wish to achieve a higher financial success. This book offers alternatives to revisit our paradigm about money and reinvent the way we deal with it.
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