Girl, I'm Gonna Miss You..

I bet you sometimes hear such an expression. What language is that? English for sure. The word gonna is informal; it is the contraction of going to, when you speak very fast without pronouncing the two words. Are there any other informal contractions? 
Of course. Check these out:

1. wanna 
‘I wanna doll not a yoyo.’ ( want a)
‘It’s almost raining. I wanna go home now.’ (want to) 

2. gimme
‘Gimme some money and I’ll buy you the ring.’ (give me)

3. gotta
‘Look, I gotta new bike. It’s over there.’ (have/got a)
‘I am sorry, I’ve gotta go now. My husband’s waiting for me.’ (have/got to)

4. lemme
‘Lemme find her address and I’ll let you know tomorrow.’ (let me)

5. watcha
‘Whatcha going to do tonight?’ (what are you)

6. kinda
‘He’s kinda good-looking boy.’ (kind of)

7. ain’t
‘Don’t say that word. I ain’t crazy.’ (am not)
‘She ain’t my foe, she’s my friend.’ (is not)

8. dunno
‘Whatcha gonna do with the money?’
‘Dunno.’ ( don’t know)

Remember that they are informal, not correct English. They are only used in speaking, not in writing. You may use them when you talk with your friends. However, you might find them in writing like in a comic strip or in a novel to represent spoken words or dialogue. You’ve gotta know it, pals!

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