At the beginning, I knew nothing about diabetes mellitus. Even when I got the result of my clinic blood test which showed the degree of my blood glucose level degree, 250 and 506, still, I did not care about it because I did not know how dangerous the diabetes mellitus was. However, how stressed I was later when I read some books about diabetes: diabetes mellitus was scary and very dangerous.

Again, at first I was very frightened after I knew a lot about diabetes mellitus from the books I read. Why? Because, if not well treated, it will cause a deadly complication: it can damage other body parts like heart, lungs, kidneys, lever, and so on. On the other hand, diabetes mellitus is not dangerous and even you can live up to 90 years old with diabetes mellitus as far as we know how to manage it to prevent its complication.

Hidup Sehat dan Bahagia Bersama Diabetes (Live Healthily and Happily with Diabetes) highlights what diabetes is and how to manage it. This book shows the symptoms of Diabetes mellitus, such as dinking too much, urinating too much, and quick decreasing of body weight. Besides, the blood glucose when fasting is more than 120 mg/dl and more than 200 mg/dl after eating meal. The easiest way to diagnose diabetes mellitus is when urinating: soon after someone urinates, a lot of ants gather in the place where the urine drops.

Going on regular diets also becomes the topic discussed in this book. Going on a diet is very important for a diabetic. It can be said that the key treatment for diabetes mellitus is going on a diet. In this case, doing sports like jogging is also the key part of diabetes treatment. In line with this, this book provides very complete types of diets.
Someone’s way of eating plays vital role in managing diabetes mellitus. A diabetic is not allowed to eat sweet food or to drink sweet drinks. Balanced menu is then a must for a diabetic. To sum up, diabetes mellitus can be very dangerous if it is poorly managed. But it is not dangerous at all if it is well managed. Either way we choose, the decision is ours.

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