Princess in Love

This is the third book in the teen-lit Princess Diaries series written by Meg Cabot. The movies, Princess Diaries 1 and 2 have hit the big screen and Walt Disney’s fans love both movies. Although the movies and the books are targeted to teenage audience, adults will find the movies more enjoyable partly because Walt Disney’s style in picturing dream-come-true stories, and mostly because the books maintain teenager’s narrative style, something that adults will find too simple to digest, and too tedious to finish the whole story. 

Yes, that’s right, the series will bore you to death, if you keep your adult viewpoint active. However, teenagers love the series, because the writers and the audience are not distanced. The writer addresses issues crucial to teenagers: low self-esteem because they look ugly according to Miss Universe standard (thanks to Putri Indonesia, Indonesian Idols, AFI and all idol maker programs), a girl who likes a boy and to her making an appointment with SBY can be easier than showing the feeling to the boy.
The writer also adds a slightly bigger issue; a mother is dating her daughter’s Algebra teacher, and challenges as a single parent. The story evolves around 14-year-old Mia Thermopolis who lives in Manhattan (in the movie, she lives in San Francisco) with her mother and she just finds out that she is next to the throne of Genovia, a small country in Europe. She doesn't like her boyfriend very much, and she secretly is in love with her best friends brother, Michael who thinks of her as a kid.
This book is the third installment in the series, after The Princess Diaries and Princess in the Spotlight. I sure love the movies, but I cannot say the same about the books. To play save, let’s think the way teenagers think; kids have problems, and sometimes friends can help them simply because parents don’t understand them. These teen-lit books, written by and for teenagers, offer testimonials: kids around the world have the same problem, and it’s fun to share the problem and learn from each other. 
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