Reach Your Maximum Potential

Successful people in the world such as Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Einstein, Hellen Keller, Winston Churchill, F.D. Roosevelt are those who managed to grow their resources through a long process of journey. Despite being disabled or financially poor, they put persistent efforts into striving hard to reach their goals and finally able to make a great leap which benefits other people. On the contrary, many other people fail to unleash their inner potentials lying dormant within them as they think that they possess limitations such as lack of money, talents, courage, chance or time. Thus, the window of opportunity closes and they kick themselves (or someone else does) for having missed their opportunity. At last, they become losers in this competitive and fast moving world.

A research states that people only use 10% of their potentials, meaning that they fail to use the other 90%. Here, we can learn from the successful people on how they tap their resources optimally. Dr John J. Maxwell suggests 3 keys of success. Firstly, we have to have dreams (purposes) in life as dreams energize us to move to reach them. Hellen keller, a blind writer, once says that the most pathetic person in the world is someone who has sight but has no visions or dreams (p.93). Secondly, we have to grow our maximum potentials, and thirdly we have to sow seeds that benefit others. Success should be shared to others for the sake of humanity and brotherhood.
Paulus Winarto, the writer of this book, suggests some tips to reach success. First, we should stay focused to reach our goals. Training our subconscious mind can help us focus on important things. The trained subconscious mind will give us a feeling of inner certainty. Second, we should not goop off by practicing procrastination but invest most of our time by doing things we do best. Thirdly, we should work hard with persistent efforts. No success can be gained through instant struggle. Fourth, we should pay attention to our strong points instead of weak ones so as to build self-confidence. Fifth, positive attitude should be enhanced as what Ken Blanchard states that those who feel good about themselves produce good results.
This inspiring book contains profound insights of many successful people, aimed at motivating and helping readers unlock their potentials. Readers are trained to know a deeper meaning of success and to reach success, not merely in terms of wealth but more on spiritual fulfillment. The book can serve as a comforting companion when we start walking on the path to success. The book title written in English, however, does not only sound a bit exaggerating but also probably mislead readers as it is actually written in Indonesian.
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