What is TOEIC?
You certainly have heard a kind of test named TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or even you might have taken TOEFL test and got the score. This test is an academic test which is mostly used to know someone’s knowledge of English for academic purposes, for instance, for admission decisions at academic institutions or applicant screening for study abroad. Many applicants to colleges and universities at graduate and undergraduate level take this test.

What about TOEIC? TOEIC stands for Test of English for International Communication. As its name implies, the language context in TOEIC covers business English and it is mostly used by companies in the recruitment or promotion process. TOEIC is now getting more popular in the realm of business work. Those who are dreaming of getting good jobs or pursuing better careers should learn TOEIC. For instance, BNI bank now applies TOEIC to promote its staff. A senior staff who has been working for years may not be promoted to get a higher position if he fails to show a certain minimum score of TOEIC required by the company. On the contrary, a young staff who manages to show a good score of TOEIC may be easily promoted. TOEIC has been a password for a better career. So, learning TOEIC from now is already a good start to lead you to a success.
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