Frequently Confusing Vocabulary
1. Classic or classical?
“Classic” means being among the best or most typical of its class, serving as a standard or model as in “The novel is a classic example of 18th century literature.” Whereas classical deals with music such as the music of Mozart or Beethoven… in “I am sure that classical music will stimulate children’s brain to grow”.

2. Day by day" or "day after day"?
“Day by day “ means “gradually” as in “Day by day the life here is getting more difficult” Or “The love between us grew day by day.” Whereas “day after day” means “repeatedly or continuously especially in a boring or unpleasant way as in “He calls me day after day to complain about his new boss.”

3. Historic or historical?
Historic means very important in history as in “The government and the rebellion group made a historic agreement.” It can also mean “having long history” as in “The local people here have a historic tradition to be persevered.” Whereas historical means connected with the history as in “I have to find some historical documents to complete my data for the research.”

4. Award or reward?
Award is a prize which is given for doing something good as in “The award for the best writer goes to Joseph.” It can also mean amount of money. “Reward” means something given to you by someone who is pleased to what you have done for him or her as in “As a reward of your good achievement, I will take you out for dinner in the fanciest restaurant.”

5. “Care for” and “care about”?
Those expressions look similar, right? But they actually have a very different meaning.
“Care for “in a formal context can mean “like” as in “Would you care for another cup of tea?”. It can also mean “to look after” as in “Don’t worry I will care for the kids when you’re out.”
What about “care about”? “care about” means thinking that something is important as in “I don’t care about the living cost here.” “I do care about anything you do.”

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