The Best Way to Learn English is Going to an English Speaking Country?
Think twice.
Most people think that living in an English speaking country like the US and Britain is the best way to learn English. They believe that living in the US or Britain will help them speak fluent and correct English simply because of an easy access to native speakers to converse with and opportunity to perfect listening skill and build advanced vocabulary.
In fact, most immigrants in those countries don’t speak English very well, even after living there for quite a long time.

They, for example, say things like “She go shopping?” instead of “Did she go shopping?” or “I take you home” instead of “I will take you home”. They don’t do anything about their grammar and pronunciation because there is little pressure to do so. Other people are normally too polite to correct the grammar mistakes. In rough conclusion, living in a foreign country simply does not make you speak the country’s language well. It does not force you to learn good grammar, good pronunciation, or a large vocabulary, because you can do quite well without those things in everyday life. Living in a foreign country only drives you to learn what is necessary to survive.

What should we do?
With good learning motivation, you can always simulate an English language environment in your own home with English language TV and the Internet. Such an environment will be safer, because it will not force you to speak and reinforce your mistakes. You can also learn English in an English course in which using English in class is made compulsory, and mistakes are properly corrected.  

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