How to Teach Reading More Interestingly
Teaching Reading in conversational English classes for students (in a country in which English is used as a foreign language) is challenging. The students can read very well (silently) for comprehension but, what is the best way to develop them into fluent speakers? Derek Kelly found interesting activities by combining silent reading skills with listening and speaking activities, greater progress in developing oral fluency could be achieved.  We need to use the skills they already possess in reading (silently) and writing to help improve their listening and speaking capabilities.
If you're going to listen as a way to speak a language, you must speak aloud. If you're going to read as a way to speak, you must read aloud. So, using reading aloud in class as a method of developing oral fluency works better than the others.

What should we do in Class
1.    Prepare the text (for example: an article from English-language newspapers or magazines, download from the internet, etc)
2.    Begin with some questions to set the tone for the topic and to get the students thinking.
3.    Read the item for the day out loud, explaining terms, idioms, and phrases as you go along.
4.    Ask the students to read and then correct only the worst mistakes in pronunciation.
5.    Urge them to read sentences again and again until they say them "naturally."
6.    Talk about the article sentence by sentence.

When the students read aloud, they do at least two things: they listen to themselves and they improve their reading skills. When reading aloud, you cannot skip words the way you do when reading silently. Every word, particularly the collocations, must be spoken. The students learn to correct themselves because they can hear the way they say things aloud and can compare that to the way a native speaker reads. If you can read fluently, this can be transferred to speaking fluently.
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