10 Common Misspelled Words in Alphabetical Order! (A-J)
Do you often get these 10 words misspelled? Pay attention to the right spelling and don’t ever misspell them again!!
1.  Accidentally
     Believe it or not, most people spell it accidentaly with one ‘l’
2.  Believe
     This word is often spelled ‘beleive’ rather than ‘believe’
3.  Continuous
     People write continous more often than continuous
4.  Diligent
     ‘dilligent’ is how people write it instead of ‘diligent’
5.  Embarrassing
     Either with single ‘r’ or single ‘s’, people got this word misspelled.
6.  Friend
     Just like the word ‘believe’ above, ‘ie’ is often misplaced with ‘ei’
7.  Grateful
     Do you often say greatful? Beware, the right one is ‘grateful’.
8.  Harassment
     Remember that it is ‘harassment ‘and not ‘harrassment’
9.  Intelligence
     Be sure to use double ‘l’ in this word and contrast it with ‘diligence’
10.Jewellery or jewelry
     No matter whether you use British or American spelling, NEVER write ‘jewelery’ with single ‘l’ and an ‘e’.
     British English uses jewellery and American writes jewelry but ‘jewelery’ is not spelled correctly. 

These are the 10 most often misspelled words in alphabetical order (A-J). Need to know more? The next batch is coming soon!
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