Useful Expressions to Interrupt Someone
Sometimes we get confused what appropriate expressions we have to use when we want to interrupt someone else when he/she is talking. The following list shows various expressions you can use when interrupting in a non-formal context and the more formal one. A non-formal context means that the person you are talking to can be your close friends, brothers or sisters in daily conversations. Whereas the formal context may mean a formal situation of communication such as in the office during the meeting, presentation, discussion, etc. Please study the following list of useful expressions.
Non-formal expressions:
- Is it okay if I jump in for a second?
- Can I throw my two cents in?
- Sorry to butt in, but did someone say “party”?
- Sorry to butt in, but I heard someone mention my name?
- Hang on. Can we stick with that point about going for a picnic?

More formal expressions:
- If I might add something,
- Can I add something here?
- Sorry, but I have to interrupt you.
- Sorry if I may refer back to your last point.
- Sorry, you were saying that you have a better idea?
- Sorry to interrupt, but did someone say “business plan”?

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