Going Deeper Into the Local Culture of Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta, one of the special regions in our country, is rich with local culture which lures a lot of foreign tourists to visit the region. What will you read below hopefully can help you explain the traditional culture-related words to the tourists. There are, of course, a lot more words you can find in other sources. Add the list by finding more words in the newspapers, magazines, journals and other sources.

abdi dalem: royal servant
balang-balangan gantal: a wedding ritual during which the bride and groom throw rolled betel leaves at each other
bedaya: formal court dances
blangkon: the traditional Javanese batik headdress for men
campur sari: a mix of pop and traditional Javanese music
caos dhahar: an  offerings ritual to the palace's sacred weapons and ancestors.
dhahar klimah: a wedding ritual during which the bride and groom symbolically feed each other to symbolize harmony
dodot: batik cloth fixed tightly around one's lower body
gejog lesung: mortar drumming
gotong royong: community joint effort
grebeg: a ritual during which Sultan distributes gunungan (cone-shaped offerings) to the public.
ingkung: a boiled and flavored rooster
jajan pasar: traditional snacks
jamasan: washing of sacred things (kris, royal carriages etc)
jamu godhogan: a mixed and boiled traditional herbal medicine
janur kuning: traditional decorations for big events made of young coconut leaves
jathilan: plaitwork -horse dancing
joglo: a traditional Javanese mansion
juru Kunci Merapi: Merapi’s Spiritual Guardian
kacar kucur: a wedding ritual during which the groom places a mixture of coins, rice and beans on to piece of cloth held by the bride.
Kanjeng Ratu Kidul: the mystical queen of the South Seas
kejawen: things related to the Javanese culture and beliefs
kekucah: payment received by royal servants from Sultan
kembar mayang: twin decorations made of mainly young, yellow, coconut leaves
kemben: long cloth draped around the torso and baring one's shoulders
ketoprak: Javanese drama depicting historical or pseudo-historical events
klithikan: second-handed goods
labuhan: a sea offerings ceremony
laku dhodhok: walking on haunches to reach the sultan's throne during Ngabekten rite
ledek munyuk: door-to-door monkey circus
loro Blonyo: a Javanese couple in traditional wedding outfits (a statue)
macapat: ancient sung Javanese poetry that consist of four lines
magersari: land used in connection with royal servants’ work granted by Sultan
merti dusun: a village's traditional cleansing ritual
midodareni: a rite held for  the bride in the night ahead of the wedding ceremony
mijiki: a wedding ritual during which the bride washes the groom's foot after he steps on an egg.
mimi lan mintuno: an inseparable pair  which symbolizes marital faithfulness
mitoni: a ritual for the safe passage of a woman's first seventh-month pregnancy.
mudik: home-bound trip
ngabekten: a tradition during which Yogyakartans pay a courtesy call on Sultan
ngalap berkah: coming to a ritual to receive blessings
Ngarsa Dalem: the honorific title that the residents of Yogyakarta use to address Sultan
ngerowot: a kind of fasting by only eating tubers and crop products
nguras Enceh: a ritual to change the water in a container at Imogiri Royal Cemetery
nini towong: a magic doll used in a séance
nyadran: a ritual during which people cook food and take it to their ancestor’s  grave ahead of the Ramadhan month.
padepokan: community education and living complex
padusan: a cleansing ritual as a symbol of self-purification ahead of the Ramadhan month
paes ageng: the grand style wedding, usually reserved for princely and noble families
panggih: a wedding procession during which the bride is met by the groom to undergo another series of processions.
punokawan: royal joker puppets
rasulan: community clean-up ritual in Gunung Kidul
ringin kurung: the twin banyan trees in Alun-Alun Utara square
ruwatan: a Javanese purification ceremony for  surviving danger and divine blessing
saparan Bekakak: a doll slaughtering ritual in Ambarketawang, Sleman
sedekah Gunung : a mountain offerings ceremony
Sego kucing: rice mixed with tiny, fried sea fish
sekaten: a celebration held for celebrating Prophet Mohammad's birthday
selapanan: a Javanese period covering thirty five days
sinden: traditional vocalists accompanying the gamelan music
slametan: a ritual held as a token of gratitude for surviving danger and divine blessing
srah-srahan: a traditional celebration on the eve of the wedding during which the groom gives some presents to the bride.
sungkeman: a custom of asking forgiveness by kneeling and bowing head to the elder's knees
tapa bisu: silent walking meditation around the fortress in Yogyakarta
tarapan:  a rite to mark a girl's first period
tebu wulung: black sugarcane
tedak siten: a ceremony held when a child touches the earth for the first time
tingkep tandur: an offerings ritual before the planting season in Kulonprogo   
tirakatan: night-long prayers and meditation
tumbuk ageng: a Javanese period covering eight times eight years or sixty-four years
tumpeng: cone-shaped yellow rice
ubo rampe: all items (mostly food) to complete the offerings
wedang uwuh: herbal drink consisting of various leafy ingredients
wedhus gembel: pyroclastic clouds of ash
: a thanksgiving prayer and offerings ahead of the harvest season

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