Which Will You Choose: Who, Whom or Whose?
1.    Who is a Subject Pronoun
We use "who" to ask which person does an action or which person is a certain way, such as asking about he, she, or I.
  • Who drove the car?
  • Who is singing?
  • Who is in the bathroom now?
2.    Whom is an Object Pronoun
We use "whom" to ask which person receives an action, so we are talking about objects like him, her, me and others
  • Whom are you talking about? I am talking about my teacher.
  • Whom did she blame for the accident? She blamed me for the accident.
  • Whom did your boss choose to do the job? He chose the tall guy as the new staff. 
3.    Whose is a Possessive Pronoun
We use "whose" to find out which person something belongs to, so we are talking about my, your, his, John’s or her things.
  • Whose camera is this? It is my camera
  • Whose dog is barking outside? It is John’s.
  • Whose cell phone keeps ringing? It is his phone that keeps ringing.

Choosing one of the three (who, whose, whom) can be a bit difficult sometimes but if you keep practicing then you will automatically know which wh- you have to use.

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