Some Expressions in English About Love and Relationships
When learning English, the beginners tend to translate Indonesian expressions into English with word for word translation method. As a result, they often produce weird English in which the expressions are grammatically correct but semantically wrong. To make sure whether the expressions are correct, we have to look up those expressions in the dictionary, consult our English teachers or check the expressions on the internet. In this short feature, I would like to present some expressions concerning love and relationships. How do you say “Aku naksir cewek itu? or “Kami dah putus” in English? Then, read this feature and study the list of expressions below.

Love is the universal word everyone in the word talks about. There are some common idiomatic expressions you may use when you want to express your love in English. There are certainly many expressions but I only provide you with the most frequently used expressions. By learning these expressions it is hoped that you would be able to enrich your knowledge on love and relationships-related vocabulary and expressions.

1. break someone's heart – to hurt someone’s feeling
    e.g. I am really sad. Alfred broke my heart.
2. break up – to split up (to end a relationship)
    - Hana is not my girlfriend anymore. We broke up last week.
3. dump someone – to end a relationship
    - If you go out with another girl, I willdump you.
4. have a crush – to have strong feelings of love for someone
    - I had a crush with one of the girls in my class when I was in the first grade.
5. get back together – to return to a relationship
    - After we broke up for a week, we decided to get back together .
6. go steady – to date one person regularly
    - Lira and I have been going steady for 2 years.
7. hung up on someone – to be obsessed with another person
    - I hang up on the girl with long straight hair, standing by the window.
8. made for each other - two people who get along extremely well
    - Look at us. We aremade for each other.
9. make eyes at someone - look at someone in a way that makes it clear that you like that
    person and find them attractive
    - I made eyes at that cute boy, but he did not bother to say hello.
10. a match made in heaven - a couple who get along perfectly
    - Look at Felix and Lira. They are really a match made in Heaven.
11. on the rocks – to have relationship experiencing problems
   - Their relationship is on the rocks. They may break up soon.
12. patch up a relationship – to repair a broken relationship
     - If you still love Hana, you should patch up your relationship.
13.  steal someone's heart – to cause someone to fall in love with you
      - I have been rocking my brain on how to steal Tantri’s heart.
14. true love - a genuine feeling of romantic love
      - Mom, I will marry Tantri cause it is a true love.
15. fall in love (with someone) – to begin to feel love for someone
      - I've really fallen in love with one student in class B.
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