The Alchemist
This book tells a melodious tale of a young Spanish boy named Santiago who has a dream. He listens to his heart and follows his dream right to the end. The journey begins when he decides to leave his home because he wanted to be a sheepherder so that he can see the world. His father, who in the past had his own dreams of seeing the world, permits his son to follow his dream. He gives Santiago 3 gold coins and lets his son embark on his journey.
From this simple wish, Santiago sets out across endless fields of grass to herd his sheep. His are the typical day-to-day shepherding chores with not much else to do but talking to his sheep. He reads the book that he bought, thinking that he should sell it and buy a thicker one. Everything stays the same until he eventually meets the old king who tells him that “when you really want something to happen, the whole universe conspires so that your wish comes true”. With that he gives him two stones called Urim and Thummim. He tells him that when everything else seems to fail him, these stones will help him to read the signs. The story moves forward with him going to Egypt to find the treasure that lies beneath the pyramids. He believes that it is his destiny to make this journey of his life.
It is this kind of optimism that draws the readers’ minds. It helps them see that nothing is impossible. With such a simple, yet lyrical language, Paulo Coelho tells the readers that our ultimate mission in this life is to find our “Personal Myth” to lead us to happiness. 
Humans can be so fragile and at some point of our lives we drift aimlessly in every direction, searching for fulfillment but never really achieving it. This book helps us to revive our hopes for the better. It is especially gratifying to read a story about someone whom we can all identify with. Each and every one of us has dreams though we sometimes doubt they will ever come true. We are all Santiago in our own right.

This book is like a mirror in which we can see our own reflection. This is the book that teaches us how we should perceive our lives. It lets us see that we are capable of doing things that we never thought possible. Here and there we might stumble upon obstacles but they should never deter us from taking bold actions to improve our lives.


I highly recommend this book to anyone in search of enlightenment. And the fact that this book is quite thin and written in such a simple language makes it a good candidate as easy reading for both book lovers and others. Try to read it as you laze your afternoons away. The story is great. The language is simple. What else is there to say?

Happy reading.
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