They're, Their or There?

If you browse any forums on the internet, you will be suprised at the great number of people who use these three words incorrectly. These are very common mistakes made by both native and non-native speakers.

They’re is a contraction of they are.
  • They're so madly in love with each other.
  • When students like a teacher, they’re more likely to do well in the subject he or she teaches.

Their  indicates possession.
  • Some of the students have left their books behind.
  • In poor countries, people wash their clothes in the river.
There is an adverb of place; it means in that place.
  • The museum is closed today. We'll go there tomorrow.
  • There's that book you were looking for.
How many of these sentences are correct?
a)    The shoes you're looking for are over their on the floor.
b)    My nephews and nieces really miss there parents who have been away on holiday.
c)     I wonder who they're talking to.
d)    Their is no soap in my bathroom. Could you send some up?
e)    I've met them before but I don't know their names.
f)     The employees say that there not very happy working for the company.
a) there
b) their
c) correct
d) There
e) correct
f) they're
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