Natural Healing

Yesterday as I was walking down a street on the way to see my mother, I walked past a Drug store.  It wasn't the first time I walked past the store, of course.  But every time I walk past the pharmacy, it will upset me.  Just the mere sight of shelves and shelves of pills stacked upon pills
... it makes me annoyed!

Have a headache? Pop an aspirin.
Have a sore throat? Pop an antibiotic.
Want to lose weight? Pop a diet pill.

Every possible thing we can think of has an over the counter pill solution. And with society accepting that pharmaceutical companies are the experts, we've become a pill-popping culture.  I think this is one of the saddest things about modern society. We have been trained to believe that our bodies are against us. Perhaps some of us don’t know that drugs only fight the symptom - not heal the cause.  Plus they will always have side effects.  Even if we don't see it yet, the side effects will accumulate and cause more harm to our body in the long run.

Probably this piece of writing has upset anyone. I don't mean to be harsh, but it's just that I know about the power of natural healing, and I know that pills are not only often unnecessary... they can even be harmful.  But the mind-body connection to heal from within is both strong and powerful.  And there's no such thing as side effects with natural healing. With natural healing we can use our mind to heal ourselves from within.

Here are some natural healing techniques we can apply:

  • Finger touching: Each finger has connection to our organ, by touching each finger for a few minutes regularly we can heal the organ.
  • Meditation: Get the God power from meditation and send it to each part of our body, especially for  the painful part.
  • Consuming high quality food or supplement: By consuming it regularly and precisely, our body will be in an optimal condition and is able to cure itself and prevent   from virus, bacteria and others.
  • Do exercises or massages: They will help our blood circulation flow normally, so there won’t be a stuck in our body.

There are more self healing techniques we can learn, such as aura healing, hypnotherapy and some others.  Have a try to optimize our health without pills or chemist drugs.

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