Could You Repeat That Again, Miss?*

I often hear such a question. It sounds right, doesn’t it? Yet, it is not. The words ‘repeat again’ is incorrect. Why? Because we don’t need to use ‘again’ here. The word ‘to repeat’ means ‘to do something more than once. ‘Again’ is redundant. Redundant means 'more than necessary’.

Here are the right ones:
•Could you repeat the question, Miss?
•Could you say it again, Miss?

Here are some redundancies I have heard many times:
•The rain is falling down.
•The price of vegetables is rising up.
•Children, let’s gather together.
•This is my father’s autobiography of his life.
•I need some cash money.
•The students are entering into the library.

I don’t say they are wrong, but they are not right… ?.

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