Some Powerful Ways to Enrich Your English Vocabulary
As a part of culture English is changing. Every day news words are coined and new slangs and idioms pop up in teen magazines. If we don’t catch up with the change we would be left behind. So here are some simple ways to enrich your vocabulary.

1. Read popular English books, magazines or novels. You will learn a lot of articles or stories with new vocabularies and new idiomatic expressions. Those words and expressions are commonly used nowadays. By reading the articles or stories again and again, you will be familiar with the words and expressions. When you come across a difficult word or expression, you can simply look it up in the dictionary or ask someone who knows the meanings of them.

2. Make a note of new vocabularies you find in the articles. When writing new words in a piece of paper, the words would stay longer in your memory (long-term memory). After that, don’t forget to try to use the words when writing or speaking. Hence, you can use the words in a real context. When you use the words or expressions again and again, it will become a habit for you to use the words, so to a certain extent you will be able to use them automatically.

3. Watch English movies. If you like watching movies, you’re lucky because movies contain a lot of natural expressions and words for real communication. You can watch certain movies again and again so you would be familiar with some words or expressions in the movies. Once again, you can make a note for some words or expressions considered new for you.
4. Make the most use of technology. You can join some mailing lists which focus on vocabulary building. You will be sent a kind of “Word of the Day" via your email every day. A new word a day to learn, in my opinion, is not burdensome for you.
5. Make friends with native speakers via social media you have. You have to try to have regular chats with them and you will surely learn a lot of new vocabularies and expressions commonly used by native speakers. The more active you chat with them the more new words and expressions you will learn. And one more thing, don’t forget to use new words you have learned when chatting.
6. Wherever you go, bring a note with you. Jot down any new English words you find in the public areas such as shopping malls, libraries, movies, museums or any place which displays English expressions. That’s a simple way but very meaningful.
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