Breakfast or A Breakfast?

Look at the following sentences:

Sally has breakfast every day.
Ernie has a big breakfast every day. (There is an adjective in front of ‘breakfast’).

An article is used when you are describing a meal.
When you want to say that someone eats a meal or wants to eat a meal,
you should use the verb have, not eat:
I’d love to have a wonderful dinner with my boyfriend now.
When you want to talk about what a meal consists of, you can use the preposition for.

For example:
I had  some fried rice and tea for breakfast.
I had breakfast with fried rice and tea. (Incorrect)

When you want to say that someone prepares a meal, you can use the verb make. For

I'll go and make breakfast /lunch/dinner/supper.
So, if you want to describe a meal you're going to make, you can say,
'I'll make a delicious breakfast for my parents.
So, what did you have for breakfast, guys?

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