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How to use nouns as adjectives?

Nouns (such as star in the above sentence) can function as an adjective in a sentence.We can use a number with a noun to make a compound adjective. Since the number and noun make one unit, we use a hyphen to join them. Keep in mind that the noun remains singular because it is being used as an adjective.


a three-car garage
a ten-speed bicycle
a twenty-dollar bill

If we use a number to refer to the second noun (how many), we do not use a hyphen:

two grammar books (2 grammar books)
five coffee cups (5 coffee cups)

We can use a number to refer to the second noun (how many) and a number with the first noun (compound adjective). In that case, there is no hyphen after the first number, but the second number is still used with a hyphen because it forms a compound adjective.

two ten-dollar bills (2 ten-dollar bills)
four three-bedroom homes (4 three-bedroom homes)

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