The Fall of Advertising and the Rise of PR
A Book Review: The book initiated quite a stir when it was launched. Some upset marketing practitioners condemned the book as baseless, that the Rieses merely recycled their old ideas and they kept using the same old examples. Some people also raised their eyebrows at Rieses guts to tell the city of Cusco and the country of Guatemala to change their names to attract more visitors! One thing that I agree with the thesis of this book: PR can change perceptions but advertising...

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There are times when we make mistakes, no matter how trivial they might be, or when we do something that makes us apologize to someone. In English, to say sorry can mean to apologize for a mistake we have done, but it can mean to show our sympathy to someone. This article is trying to give some examples of situations when people usually show their regret over their mistakes and the expressions they usually say. We apologize especially in the following...

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Tips to Write A Book Review
Have you ever written a book review? I bet you have. Writing a book review is not merely summarizing the content of the book. It is more like commenting on the book. On the other words, book review is a critical response to the publication of the book. It may include the analytical study of the book, the importance of the book for readers, a brief summary of the content, suggestion for the edition version. To help you write better book reviews, here are...

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Surprise Party
Last year, all secretaries and I decided to throw a surprise birthday party to all our friends in ELTI. Usually we only gave them a gift. Then we thought that we needed something more special than that to give to secretaries and coordinators. So, we came up with the idea of making a surprise party. As usual, a week before the party, I prepared a lot of thing to decorate their room. And one day before the day, I decorated their room. After that, when they came to their room we surprised...

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The Reason is Because I Love You The Reason is That I Love You
It’s Saturday night, 9 pm. You’re sitting on the bench with your sweetheart, watching the rain falling from the sky. All of a sudden you feel the urge to express your deep passion for your sweetie. So you go, “The reason I’m here is because I love you.” Oops. “Is it ‘because’ or ‘that’?” you wonder. Well, this is a common mistake that we, English learners, often make. This, some argue, is caused by the influence of...

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