'Bring' and 'Take'
 The verbs "bring" and "take", though common in use, can be confusing for English learners. One major reason why learners have difficulty distinguishing between the two verbs is that they have very similar meanings but their use depends on  your point of reference for the action. The verb "bring" describes movement toward where the speaker or the listener is. Examples: Please...

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Cara Belajar Bahasa Inggris Lewat Social Media
Social media bukanlah barang asing di zaman sekarang ini.  Dari anak-anak sampai orang dewasa menggunakannya. Sebagian besar dari kita tentunya memiliki akun social media, paling tidak Facebook atau Twitter atau bahkan keduanya.  Social media tersebut membantu kita untuk bersosialisasi dengan teman-teman yang mungkin terpisah oleh jarak di dunia nyata. Selain untuk keperluan sosial sebagaimana ditunjukkan oleh namanya, social media mempunyai banyak manfat lainnya, yang...

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Do You Work in A Five-star Hotel?
How to use nouns as adjectives? Nouns (such as star in the above sentence) can function as an adjective in a sentence.We can use a number with a noun to make a compound adjective. Since the number and noun make one unit, we use a hyphen to join them. Keep in mind that the noun remains singular because it is being used as an adjective. Examples: a three-car garage a ten-speed bicycle a twenty-dollar bill If we use a number to...

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English Slang - Use of The Word - Like
This is an extremely common word used mostly by adults and young adults that is heard in many English speaking countries throughout the world. It can be used in several different situations, and can be placed before, in the middle or sometimes even at the end of a conversation. Take a look at the chart below for information on how to use this peculiar English word in the right context.   ...

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Breakfast or A Breakfast?
Look at the following sentences: Sally has breakfast every day. Ernie has a big breakfast every day. (There is an adjective in front of ‘breakfast’). An article is used when you are describing a meal. When you want to say that someone eats a meal or wants to eat a meal, you should use the verb have, not eat: I’d love to have a wonderful dinner with my boyfriend now. When you want to talk about what a meal...

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