Some Powerful Ways to Enrich Your English Vocabulary
As a part of culture English is changing. Every day news words are coined and new slangs and idioms pop up in teen magazines. If we don’t catch up with the change we would be left behind. So here are some simple ways to enrich your vocabulary. 1. Read popular English books, magazines or novels. You will learn a lot of articles or stories with new vocabularies and new idiomatic expressions. Those words and expressions are commonly used...

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Texting in Britain
In England (and in any other country where English is the primary language), it is common for adults and children alike to use abbreviations and shortened versions of words or phrases   when sending text messages. The reason is simple – it’s quicker! If someone sends lots of text messages a day they want to do it as efficiently as possible, so shortened versions of long words are employed to save time. It is generally the most commonly used, long words or...

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Could You Repeat That Again, Miss?*
I often hear such a question. It sounds right, doesn’t it? Yet, it is not. The words ‘repeat again’ is incorrect. Why? Because we don’t need to use ‘again’ here. The word ‘to repeat’ means ‘to do something more than once. ‘Again’ is redundant. Redundant means 'more than necessary’. Here are the right ones: •Could you repeat the question, Miss? •Could you say it again, Miss?...

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How to Use Its in Sentences
People often use its or it’s in their sentences but readers and listeners usually find it hard to understand which ‘its’ they are using in their sentences. Actually, it’s not very difficult to know which word being spoken or written as long as we understand the situation: 1.‘Its’ is a possessive word, just like my or your; it means that something owns something or something belongs to it. Examples: The car was badly damaged...

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Natural Healing
Yesterday as I was walking down a street on the way to see my mother, I walked past a Drug store.  It wasn't the first time I walked past the store, of course.  But every time I walk past the pharmacy, it will upset me.  Just the mere sight of shelves and shelves of pills stacked upon pills ... it makes me annoyed! Have a headache? Pop an aspirin. Have a sore throat? Pop an antibiotic. Want to lose weight? Pop a diet pill. ...

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