How to Say Indonesian Expressions in English?
Some learners often find it hard to translate Indonesian expressions into English. Some beginners even use a kind of a translation method called literal translation or direct translation. They just simply translate Indonesian words to English (word for word translation) rather than convey the sense of the original. This kind of translation (literal translation) often results in an inaccurate translation. The sentences in the target language may be grammatically correct, but culturally wrong....

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How You Learn Your Own Strengths and Weaknesses
Some people often have a lot of trouble figuring out their own characters and they don’t know what their strengths and weaknesses are. For those who are still unsure about the potential that they have in them, there are some tips that can strengthen their personalities. Below are some inputs for professionals and students who would like to initiate the process themselves: i. Be a part of team activities It could be either as a part of your church choir, or an...

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'I' and 'Me'
"I" and "me" are both pronouns, but they are used in different ways. Many non-native speakers of English find it hard to differentiate one from the other and it is reflected in their consistently incorrect use of the two pronouns. Please read on as this article attempts to clarify the differences between "I" and "Me". "I" is used as a subject pronoun. A subject is what a sentence or clause is talking about.  Example:...

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The Alchemist
This book tells a melodious tale of a young Spanish boy named Santiago who has a dream. He listens to his heart and follows his dream right to the end. The journey begins when he decides to leave his home because he wanted to be a sheepherder so that he can see the world. His father, who in the past had his own dreams of seeing the world, permits his son to follow his dream. He gives Santiago 3 gold coins and lets his son embark on his journey.   From this...

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As Usually?*
‘I always wake up at 4 o’clock in the morning, but I get up at 5. As usually, I make my bed and then I take a bath.’ What’s wrong with the sentences? Do you notice a mistake there? Yes, you’re right. The word ‘as usually’ is not appropriate. Why?   Let’s take a look at these sentences: ·        I usually make...

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