Going Deeper Into the Local Culture of Yogyakarta
Yogyakarta, one of the special regions in our country, is rich with local culture which lures a lot of foreign tourists to visit the region. What will you read below hopefully can help you explain the traditional culture-related words to the tourists. There are, of course, a lot more words you can find in other sources. Add the list by finding more words in the newspapers, magazines, journals and other sources. abdi dalem: royal servant ...

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OMG!!! What Does It Mean?
When I open my fb account, then I read my wall. Some of my friends like using abbreviations. I also often receive texts, and again there are some abbreviations there. Here are some of them :  OTW to Bandung, Got a new name?? LOL, TX, NMP, TOY, KUTGW… OMG!!! What are they? What do they mean? I needed to consult to my smart mobile dictionary to get the meaning. Now, if you happen to get those abbreviations from friends or read your friends ‘status you can look them up...

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So, What is 'Gudeg'?
(A culinary journey throughout the country) Our country, Indonesia, is an indigenous food-rich country. Its local food has been the main attraction for foreign tourists to come to Indonesia. Promoting this indigenous food or cuisine is not as simple as it looks due to the unavailability of their terms in English. In this case, translation-based definition could help. Here are the translated definitions of some Indonesian indigenous food, taken from various...

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A Good Place to Learn English

Nowadays English is an essential part of people’s life. Why? The answer is very clear. English has become a prerequisite in many sectors of life. When applying for a job, pursuing further academic degrees, or running a business involving people from other countries, someone must be able to communicate in English. Such a condition has forced everyone to learn English. They can learn it autodidactically or with the help of somebody else. The second way of learning...

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At the beginning, I knew nothing about diabetes mellitus. Even when I got the result of my clinic blood test which showed the degree of my blood glucose level degree, 250 and 506, still, I did not care about it because I did not know how dangerous the diabetes mellitus was. However, how stressed I was later when I read some books about diabetes: diabetes mellitus was scary and very dangerous. Again, at first I was very frightened after I knew a lot about diabetes...

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